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Prestige Private Hire Ltd – Licensed Private Hire Company in Warminster BA12 8TA

  1. All bookings will be confirmed in writing either by email or  letter in the post, and it is the responsibility of the client to check and make sure that all details provided are correct and advise if not.
  2. Prices quoted will be from pick-up to drop-off,  We reserve the right to apply additional charges  if the driver has to divert by more than 5 miles.
  3. We operate a strict no eating / smoking or drinking in the car accept water.
  4. Deposit of 50% will be required when confirming the booking
  5. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours in order to get the deposit refunded, otherwise if cancelled  the day before 50% will be charged and on the day will incur the full cost. Therefore it is important that you the hirer have travel insurance to cover these cost. Prestige Private Hire Ltd reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event of an emergency and will return any monies paid and without further liability to the contract.
  6. It is the clients responsibility to make sure that all the correct information is provided at the time of booking to ensure that the right type of vehicle is provided and have sufficient luggage space, we reserve the right to refuse any passenger with excess luggage which could make the vehicle unsafe on the road.
  7. Parents with small children that require child seats, are required to provide their own. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the seats are secured correctly  into the car for insurance purposes,  we will then look after them for the return journey. We accept no responsibility for the condition of the child seats or any part of securing them into the vehicle.
  8. Please note that regrettably we do allow the carriage of pets in our vehicles, with exception to guide dogs.
  9. It is the passengers responsibility to inform Prestige Private Hire Ltd on +44 1985 847 301 or out of hours on +44 7793 450 429 if they have missed their flight or connecting flight or delayed before our driver sets off or enters the terminal to avoid additional cost.
  10. Prestige Private Hire Ltd reserves the right to apply additional cost in the event that their flight is cancelled or the passengers become unwell and not able to travel.
  11. In order to try and keep parking cost to a minimum, our driver will attempt to make contact with the passenger prior to entering the car park to get a progress report, if were unable to make contact, the driver will enter 30 minutes after the landing time, unless we have agreed a different time in advance.
  12. We will allow 1 hour free waiting time after landing, after which we reserve the right to charge waiting time, this does not include delayed flights as we will monitor them prior to setting off.
  13. With traffic multiplying year on year, passengers are advised to allow plenty of time for their journey, although Prestige Private Hire Ltd will advise when making a booking.
  14. Prestige Private Hire will NOT be held responsible for any financial cost incurred for any flights / cruises or trains missed due to circumstances out of our control, ie traffic collision – adverse weather – road closure – incorrect information provided at the time of booking – vehicle breakdown or driver becomes unwell.
  15. Payments: Bank or credit card payments must be made in full 7 days before departure, or on the day if paying cash in sterling.
  16. Prestige Private Hire Ltd reserves the right to sub-contract and provide an equal or greater size vehicle.
  17. Under PCV regulations no passengers in excess of the seating capacity of the vehicle will be carried and a child counts as a passenger.
  18. Quotations are based on the operating cost at the time of the quotation, and will remain valid for a period of 21 days. Prestige Private Hire Ltd reserve the right to pass on to the hirer any increased cost resulting from Government action. We reserve the right to charge for any soiling or damage caused by the hirer, for valleting or repair.
  19. At no time must alcohol be carried or consumed within the vehicle.
  20. All complaints must be reported within 14 days in writing to Prestige Private Hire Ltd, 19 Norridge View, Warminster Wiltshire BA12 8TA. (No compensation will be paid out by the company for any reason.
  21. Prestige Private Hire Ltd will NOT accept responsibility for lost or damaged to property which is left in the vehicle, property found in the vehicle will be held at our office for a period of 21 days before handing over to the local police station.